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Frequently Asked Questions about Battery Powered Bicycles

How fast can these bikes go?

All battery powered bicycles are restricted by UK law to 25 kilomters per hour.

How far can i ride on one charge?

Italjet E-Bike Range: 50 Miles (average).

How long will my battery last?

Italjet E-Bike battery are designed to last 2000 cycles (with correct use and charging procedures) 

Will I have to pedal?

An Italjet E-Bike is pedal assisted, which means that a small electric motor assists the rider as you pedal.

Will the bike go uphill unassisted?

The rider is able to select as much or as little assistance as desired.

Does the bike make a noise?

The motor is virtually silent.

how heavy is the bike?

Ascot Classic / One weight = 30kg.

Do I need a key?

Each Italjet Ascot E-Bike is supplied with a key to operate the electric systems.